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Scott Rubush is a recovering journalist living in West Chester, PA. He is a native of York, PA, and grew up in Cary, NC. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Scott has an extensive background in writing and politics. He is Publisher Emeritus of Carolina Review, and a former associate editor of the Los Angeles-based website He currently works as a grant-writer for an educational foundation in Wilmington, Del.
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:: Friday, April 18, 2003 ::

WaPo on Carolina Basketball

The Washington Post has a great article today on how ACC basketball rises and falls on the fortunes of the North Carolina Tar Heels:

Whether other ACC coaches and fans like North Carolina or not, the league has been at its best when the Tar Heels were playing well -- demanding to be booed or cheered, rather than dismissed as irrelevant. Whenever Smith walked out of the room during ACC meetings, according to Jacobs, Maryland's Lefty Driesell was known to mutter, "We've got to get that guy!"

But when North Carolina struggled, it hurt the rest of the conference. The Tar Heels' 8-20 record in 2001-02 was a drag on all of its opponents' strength of schedule rating, and it diminished the conference's national prestige.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford insists the conference hasn't lost any ground in the basketball pecking order. The league has placed a team in the NCAA Final Four 14 of the last 16 years, he notes.

"There is a standard that has been set in men's basketball in this league," Swofford says. "And it is a real challenge to maintain. But I think that it will be maintained. And when you've got three coaches like Gary, Mike and Roy that have such a high recognition factor and such high respect, it is a real plus."

Jacobs said the ACC was projected to be stronger in 2003-04 even before Roy Williams was hired. Now, it will certainly generate even more buzz.

"It will inevitably bring more attention to the ACC than it's had last year, except for people writing, 'What's wrong with the ACC?' " Jacobs says. "We won't be saying that next year."

:: Scott 12:26 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, April 17, 2003 ::
Shout-Outs for Brian Linse!

Last time Brian Linse appeared on this site, I had just recovered from a mortifying experience at his home in the Hollywood Hills. While I was there, his cigar-chomping security goons fisked, er, frisked me and took away my glock, my NRA membership card, and even my handy-dandy Rush Limbaugh secret decoder ring. It was horrible.

But lo! All is forgiven! In the wake of the horrid tech meltdown that has crippled recently, Brian came riding to the rescue! He just sent along a text file old template! It was cached on Google. With his help, I was able to perform with a few clicks of the mouse some repair work that would have taken my untrained mind many, many hours to perform. Needless to say, there is much rejoicing here at headquarters. Let's give it up for Mr. Linse!
:: Scott 11:22 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 ::
Template Wiped Out

Folks, sorry for the delay in coverage here at over the past week or so. There was some horrible technical glitch with my template, and now it's gone. It's really gone. No mas template. Bye-bye template.

My perma-links, and my web counter, and my comments are gone. All gone.

I'll work to get them back online soon. For the meantime, please pardon my dust.

:: Scott 6:50 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday, April 12, 2003 ::
Regina Carter at Wilmington Grand Opera House

Attention jazz aficionados and world music lovers: check out Regina Carter, whom I just returned from hearing at the Grand Opera House in Downtown Wilmington tonight. Ms. Carter plays jazz violin, which in itself is off-beat. But her music gets even more adventurous from there. She draws on a whole grab bag of musical influences, ranging from Afro-Cuban music to French Impressionism to tribal African music, all to incredible results. At Amazon you'll find a number of her CDs, and I'm getting ready to spring for two or three of them. You might want to check out a couple yourself...
:: Scott 12:13 AM [+] ::
Ken Layne's Still Got It

I haven't laughted this hard reading Ken Layne's site since he wrote that post about the Tickle-Me-Elmo dolls...
:: Scott 12:04 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 ::
The Quote of the Day

...comes from that old reliable, Christopher Hitchens:

So it turns out that all the slogans of the anti-war movement were right after all. And their demands were just. "No War on Iraq," they said—and there wasn't a war on Iraq. Indeed, there was barely a "war" at all. "No Blood for Oil," they cried, and the oil wealth of Iraq has been duly rescued from attempted sabotage with scarcely a drop spilled. Of the nine oil wells set ablaze by the few desperadoes who obeyed the order, only one is still burning and the rest have been capped and doused without casualties. "Stop the War" was the call. And the "war" is indeed stopping. That's not such a bad record. An earlier anti-war demand—"Give the Inspectors More Time"—was also very prescient and is also about to be fulfilled in exquisite detail.

:: Scott 9:42 PM [+] ::

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